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10 Nov '15

✔ Soft Launch & Preorders

Posted by Ngozi Ukazu in buttons, huddle, news, preorders, shirts

These are how I pitched the books and people STILL BOUGHT THEM. Crazies!!

The Kickstarter for Check, Please! Year One is wrapping up and with orders finally arriving in backers' hands, I can finally launch a brand new online storefront for Check, Please merch.  Well, finally softly launch a new online storefront. Let's not storm in here with hockey sticks blazing.

The pre-order items. You too can dress like a cartoon character.


So! To be super honest, 75% of the reason I'm writing this blog post is to tell you that your order is probably gonna take a while. Yes, the order that hasn't even made yet; that electronic purchase that's but a twinkle in your eye.

There are approximately 0 Huddle zines and Samwell hockey t-shirts in existence, so now is your chance to commit to a zine or shirt so I can sufficiently stock inventory. Pre-ordering for zines and t-shirts will go on for about two weeks. After this, t-shirts will likely take over a month to get printed, and zines will take up to three weeks. This means that if your order includes one of these items expect to see it around January. Like your estranged cousins, you won't be seeing them for Christmas.


Buttons! Magnets! STICKERS! 
Buttons, magnets, and stickers are the only things that I would personally be shipping by hand. Which is admittedly pretty time consuming. So I can only promise a super limited supply of these items and I'll have to charge a bit extra for shipping. :/ I still have to make a bunch of sets! When they're ready I'll let people know!

 The boys! And Lardo. But you know Lardo, she's just one a the boys. The full button and magnet set includes the frogs, parse, and Samwell University/hockey pins!

Can I download the Year One book online? If so, where? 

>> Here! <<